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The Clinic


AJM Acupuncture uses only single-use, pre-sterilized, disposable needles. Sessions are one hour on average, with the first treatment lasting one and a half hours. This time is used to first gain a comprehensive understanding of your health and in follow-up treatments to chart the progress of your condition. This ensures that you receive the best possible treatment.Price:

    • First session: $140.00 *This session will take an hour and a half
    • Follow-up sessions: $90.00 * Follow-up sessions last one hour

Chinese Herbal Prescription

Prescription of Chinese herbal medicine is possible only with a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition. It is necessary therefore to spend some time assessing the patient with each prescription. Follow-up assessments should be done on a regular basis. The clinic offers many types of herbs for your convenience and to suit your comfort levels – although “loose” herbs are by far the most effective treatment, some people find them difficult to take or their lifestyle does not allow them time to cook the herbs. It is for this reason that some people prefer to use pills or extract powders. For long-term use pills are often not only the most easily dispensed but are also the most cost effective type of herbs.

AJM Acupuncture sources herbs from reputable suppliers who endeavor to maintain the highest quality and safety levels possible. This ensures that herbs are pure and unadulterated – the last thing a patient needs is to worry about getting sick from pesticide or herbicide laden medicine.

The cost of the herbs obviously depends on the prescription itself, although there is a flat prescription fee of $50.00. This is waived for refills of pills or powders.

Massage Therapy

AJM Acupuncture does provide Tui Na Massage / Acupressure services at $105.00/hour.

Your Practitioner

Jay McCoy has always had a keen interest in traveling and learning about the world at large. He spent a year in Switzerland as a youth to learn German and later earned his B.A. (Honours, German ) at McGill in Montreal, where he also developed a passion for Chinese philosophy and martial arts. Jay pursued this passion to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, being in the first class of graduates from the Doctoral Program in TCM.

Jay has practiced in St. Albert from 2002 until 2014, moving to north Edmonton in late 2014. In that time he has developed a wide range of experience dealing with diverse health issues. He has treated a huge variety of pain (backs, shoulders, knees and elbows being the most common), fertility problems, allergies, menstrual pain and irregularity, menopausal symptoms, recovery from stroke and brain injury, anxiety, insomnia, depression, poor circulation, colds and influenza, sports injuries, migraines and digestive system disturbances. He has also helped a number of people to stop smoking.

In compliance with regulation and more importantly out of personal interest and dedication, Jay continues to take courses, study the TCM literature (ancient and modern) and studies privately with Dr. Qi Ming Chen, who is a master herbalist and teaches 18 Lohan Hands. 18 Lohan Hands is a slow internal martial art that is said to be the original basis for shaolin kung fu and qi gong that is used for therapeutic effect and longevity. Jay finds that it helps with his acupuncture practice as well as his personal well-being.

Outside of a potentially all-encompassing career, Jay attempts to cultivate his passion for literature and music.